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Barrow Dock Museum PV Installation- Barrow Borough Council – Low Carbon Barrow

We delivered a quick turnaround PV installation for our client Barrow Borough Council to the Barrow Dock Museum.

The works formed part of the installation of PV systems for their ERDF funded PV programme as part of Low Carbon Barrow. Low Carbon Barrow is a programme of investment across Barrow-in-Furness to reduce carbon emissions through demonstration projects. The investments include energy efficiency projects in both public housing and public buildings. The programme is funded by Cumbria LEP Growth Deal and ERDF. The programme is designed to stimulate investment in low carbon technologies, driving local labour markets and local supplier markets as the demonstration projects increase demand.

RPS Group undertook a survey, design and full installation.

Panels were mounted in an ‘on roof’ configuration using a mounting system which was supplied complete. Panels were butted tight together, wind and snow loading was accounted for using the procedures in BS EN 1991-1 and BRE digest 489 for both the central and edge zones and RPS took into account both the live and dead load factors of safety.

RPS had to Verify that the roof was capable of supporting the weight of the solar system, using our structural engineers’ calculations. We used purpose-designed PV cabling, and kept cable runs as short as practicable. Armour core was used for the external accessible cabling. It was important to ensure we could provide sufficient ventilation behind the PV array for cooling and internally to permit inverters to dissipate heat.

We had to comply with the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations about the types of roof constructions with which the PV may be integrated and about the provision of weatherproof installations, ensuring all roof penetrations were sealed properly with sealing methods approved by the roofing industry.

Working closely with the client we were able to discuss and agree positions of equipment in locations identified.

 The photovoltaic installation was equipped with suitable circuit protection and switchgear, circuit protection was installed to meet the requirements of the current 18th Edition of the Wiring Regulations. All internal cable runs were contained within suitable trunking / conduit. All external cable runs were securely clipped at regular intervals to ensure a tight, close fit with the external wall.

RPS undertook all making good works resulting from the installation and provided all handover documentation to the client. We also provided a detailed  handover pack to the  Dock Museum explaining the technology and how to maximise fuel bill savings. The project was delivered on time and on budget.

Beverly Coverdale, Low Carbon Barrow, Barrow Council, said , “ RPS Group installed a PV system to our Dock Museum in Barrow in Furness. As a Council we had challenging aspirations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from our Buildings through the Low Carbon Barrow programme. The Dock Museum is free entry and is sited at the head of a listed Dock structure.

RPS ensured this installation went to plan against some challenging timescales and within the planning consents given. They worked with us to ensure public access to the building was not affected and gave advice on both the works in hand and potential storage solutions.

As the installation was funded we were very grateful to have it completed on time and to the budget agreed.”

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Barrow- in- Furness, Cumbria


Barrow Borough Council


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