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Energy Storage Batteries for Solar PV

This scheme is designed to support tenants reduce their energy costs, improve their health and wellbeing, and help decarbonise local villages in which the tenants reside.

The Rothwell Group have been tasked to install integrated Solar PV & battery storage systems that incorporate a smart home energy management dashboard in up to 70 homes. These systems are being applied to properties where dated gas back-boiler domestic water & heating systems have been replaced with an air source heat pump.
No need for gas and very green!

The renewable energy system includes a solar Photovoltaic panel array, inverter, and a control system that tracks the electrical performance. The solar panels collect energy from the sun and turn it into electricity that’s then passed through an inverter and converted in a way that it can be used to power the household and appliances.

A conventional solar PV system can produce more electricity than a home requires, and any excess is fed back into the power grid. Conversely, when a home needs more electricity than the solar panels can produce – usually at night, a home will have to draw power from the grid and a household will typically pay a tariff rate of 15.5p kWh.

The systems we are installing for South Lakes Housing incorporate a battery storage system that’s integrated with the solar PV, and a smart home energy management dashboard. This enables the property to store excess solar electricity instead of sending it back to the grid, and the tenant accrues the benefit of reduced energy bills.

The benefits that South Lakes Housing will accrue from the scheme will be to learn how beneficial renewable energy technologies can be for tenants whilst achieving de-carbonisation targets and gaining a better understanding how the technology works with the tenants individual lifestyles.

As a construction company who insist on the benefits of renewable technologies and place them in the forefront of what we do, we’re proud to be a part of such a scheme and proud that we’re able to provide professional installations while the transition improves the efficiency of renewable technologies & tenants well being. More like these please!

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The Lake District, England


South Lakes Housing


The installation of Energy Storage Batteries and Solar PV to properties with Air Source heating

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