Project Description

Shared Loop Ground Source Heat Pumps, Greater Manchester

RPS Group designed and installed the Ground Source Heat Pump Technology. The system includes a ground loop system consisting of 36 boreholes to a depth of 150m- that’s a combined drill of 5,400 meters, making for a total ground loop of almost 7 miles of pipe. Ground loop manifolds, primary pumping station, and apartment Shoebox Water Source Heat Pumps. This system provides all heating and domestic hot water requirements to the 71 apartments of Liverton Court across its 9 stories.

RPS ran the project in the following phases :

• Groundworks, Ground Loops to manifolds
• Primary circulation pipework.
• Installations within apartments.
• Sectional testing and switch over to the new system / strip out of existing.

Following pre-start and mobilization meetings with contract and project management, our dedicated and full-time site team consisting of Site Manager and Tenant Liaison Officer were based within an empty apartment of Liverton Court.

Our client Northwards were notified of the successful completion of project sections and phases of work. Within our site handover period they were provided with the professional demonstrations and training we provide alongside, as fitted drawings and building Operation and Maintenance Manuals.

The project was complex due to the amount of pipe work required within a shared loop scheme for a high rise building- these complexities required an installer with up to date knowledge and expertise of the new technologies and complexities of the scheme. The works have gone exceptionally well and are one of the first shared loop ground source heat pump scheme where data has provided evidence of the success of the technology.

RPS achieved average client satisfaction KPI’s of 9.95% over the total project.

The relationship between RPS group and the client Northwards- and the other partners have been instrumental in the success of the project. This project is funded by the European Regional Development Funds through the 2014-2020 England Operational Programme.

Project Details


Northwards, Greater Manchester


Northwards Housing, Liverton Court


Shared Loop Ground Source Technology.



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