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Solar PV – Wakefield & District Housing – Wakefield

Solar PV Installation for Wakefield District Housing

RPS Group has undertaken a Solar PV project in collaboration with Wakefield District Housing. The project involves the installation of Solar Photo Voltaic Panels in over 220 homes across the Wakefield borough, aimed at promoting sustainable, energy-efficient living.

Wakefield District Housing is one of the UK’s largest social housing providers, managing over 32,000 homes across the Wakefield district and wider Yorkshire region. The Solar PV project aligns with WDH’s commitment to social outcomes, delivering inclusive and sustainable services to positively impact the lives of its tenants.

The project scope includes a desktop survey of approximately 600 properties, technical surveys, structural assessments, and the supply and installation of Solar PV Panels to around 220 selected properties. The works cover a diverse range of residential properties with a focus on optimising performance based on archetypes.

RPS Group emphasises the importance of design optimisation for performance. Utilising bespoke software (PV SOL Pro), individual designs are reviewed for each property’s roof and panels to ensure optimal performance. Works are planned with a focus on minimising disruption to tenants and neighboring properties. RPS Group prioritises customer care and tenant engagement, providing a 24/7 365 customer care and engineer call-out facility. Tenant engagement processes include pre-start meetings, profiling exercises for vulnerable households, and regular home visits to support residents throughout the entire process.

RPS Group have extensive experience in Solar PV installations, including; preparatory works, structural surveys, design, supply, and installation.

As of the current update, the Solar PV installation project is underway, with Rothwell Plumbing Services Group actively contributing to the reduction of residents’ electricity bills, minimising bill shock, and lowering carbon footprints.

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