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Ground Source Heating at Sunnybank, Huddersfield

At Sunny Bank Grange & Sunny Bank Terrace in Huddersfield, both blocks of apartments are taking a leap into the future with successfully proven Ground Source Heating technology. A series of up to 137 meter deep bore holes run pipework loops to manifolds on the surrounding lawns. Circulation pipework from these manifolds is then distributed to each apartment where the heat from the ground-heated glycol mixture is transferred and super-heated by a Kensa Manufactured ‘Shoe Box’ compressor. These units are so small that they’re able to fit beneath or above the accompanying Unvented Cylinders – thus the name ‘Shoe Box’.

We’re providing our services directly to a new client ‘Kensa’, who have renewable technology at the core of what they do. We’re privileged to be on board with them and take part in the kind of work that drives us forward. Thank you to them for placing their faith in us! Rightly so as our feedback has been very positive and our installations delivered as advertised – Professionally, Efficiently, Timely and considerately with Passion and Determination.

The Renewable Heat Incentive Tariff allows landlords to recoup capital expenditure. Paid back over a 20 year period, index linked, and in most cases RHI pays more back than the actual capital outlay. Residents will also get the benefit of cheaper fuel bills

This project means 51 more homes will greatly reduce their Co2 production, benefitting from these technologies helps to relieve fuel poverty which is still an issue in the UK this day.

With the upcoming government backed bill that will not allow the installation of gas boilers beyond 2025, renewable energy sources will become more widely used across the country. At the Rothwell Group we’ve been fitting such technology for over 15 years and we welcome the growth of Renewable Technologies and are proud to be able to offer our experience to provide more homes with a more efficient and cleaner future.

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Sunnybank Terrace & Sunnybank Grange, Huddersfield, HD6 2DE


Kensa Contracting


Heating & Domestic Installations for Together Housing by Ground Source Technology.



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