Project Description

Turnpike Depot – Salford City Council

In a comprehensive initiative led by RPS and commissioned by Salford City Council, the Turnpike Depot underwent a transformative upgrade, focusing on the integration of Low Carbon Heating Systems alongside significant Building Improvements.

With a portfolio exceeding 170 properties, Salford City Council took a decisive step by declaring a Climate Emergency in July 2019, setting an ambitious goal to achieve carbon neutrality by 2038.

Nestled within a bustling industrial park, the Turnpike Mess Rooms stand as a detached, single-story building, originally erected in the 1950s and later extended on either side. The building serves dual functions as a transport office and recreational room for transport drivers.

Turnpike Depot is a key component of the Salford City Council’s Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme 3, aimed at revamping heating systems across its properties.

Project Highlights:

  • Removal of existing gas boilers and replacement with new Mitsubishi CAHV ASHPs
  • Removal and replacement of existing pipework and radiators – chosen for their compatibility with the ASHPs
  • Installation of a new Building Management System – enhancing operational efficiency through remote monitoring and verification
  • Upgrade to electrical mains and distribution boards – to better accommodate the new ASHPs

The project encompassed not just the installation of cutting-edge ASHPs for optimal heating solutions, but also a strategic enhancement of the building’s fabric to elevate energy conservation. RPS undertook the full design, procurement, installation, testing and commissioning of the heating systems and building improvements. Post-installation, RPS remains committed to ensuring the longevity and efficiency of the systems through dedicated warranty and maintenance services.

The transformation achieved through the retrofitting of heat pump systems extends beyond energy efficiency; it fundamentally enhances the comfort and usability of the Turnpike Depot, aligning with the broader objectives of Salford City Council’s decarbonisation efforts.

The installation of and the comprehensive decarbonisation efforts at the Turnpike Depot are pivotal in advancing Salford City Council’s ambition towards a net-zero future. These newly installed heat pump systems not only elevate the building’s energy efficiency but also significantly enhance its comfort and reliability, thereby aligning with the broader environmental objectives of the council.

Project Details


631 Eccles New Road, Salford, M50 1SW


Salford City Council


Renewables, Plumbing & Heating, M&E