We asked some residents about their experience with RPS Group and their new ASHPs

Together Housing and RPS Group are on a mission to decarbonise and improve homes. Together Housing has embarked on an ambitious carbon reduction strategy, aiming to elevate properties’ EPC ratings by 2030 through extensive retrofit programs and a major heat pump initiative. RPS’s expertise has been instrumental, from initial surveys to installations and ongoing support. With a focus on customer engagement and remote monitoring, RPS ensures efficient operation and swift troubleshooting. This close partnership underscores our aim the in driving sustainable solutions and enhancing living standards within social housing communities.

We asked some residents about their experience with RPS Group and their new ASHPs:

David Hughes, a resident of 109 Hallowmoor Road, Sheffield, is thrilled with his new air source heat pump, remarking,

“My new air source heat pump is working perfectly, so I’m toasty and warm.”

“The installation ran very smoothly. The work took place over three days in the middle of December. The heat pump was installed on the first day, the electricians fixed up the electrics on the second and then there was a little bit of tidying up on the third. On the first evening there was no heating, but I was able to go and visit friends at their house, so this didn’t inconvenience me.

“I had a couple of phone calls beforehand to let me know exactly what would happen and when, which helped me prepare. The information I was given was good, and Rothwell Plumbing Services was very helpful and answered all my questions.

“I’m now very warm and comfortable.”

Amy Millward, residing at 88 Hallowmoor Road, Sheffield, also shares her positive experience with the new heat pump installed by RPS.

“Our new heat pump has made the house a lot warmer. We’ve noticed it’s warm everywhere now. With the previous heating system, it would be warm downstairs but then cold upstairs. The new heat pump seems to have evened out the heat around the house.

“The installation took a couple of days, with the installers arriving early both days to get the work started. The communication from Rothwell Plumbing Services was fine, and they kept us informed about the work before it took place.”

These testimonials from residents exemplify RPS’s commitment to providing efficient and effective heating solutions while prioritising clear communication and customer satisfaction.