RPS Appointed to PFH Heating Solutions Framework and Decarbonisation & Retrofit Framework

Rothwell Plumbing Services Group is thrilled to announce its success in being appointed to the Heating Solutions Framework and the Decarbonisation & Retrofit Framework by Procurement for Housing (PfH). These frameworks provide a procurement route for all works and services associated with the installation and ongoing maintenance of domestic and commercial heating assets, and Decarbonisation and Retrofit for both Domestic and Commercial.

The PfH Heating Solutions and Decarbonisation & Retrofit are 4 year framework agreements, and after a competitive tendering process,  RPS Group have been appointed to cover:

  • Domestic Heating across the North East and North West.
  • Solar PV across the North East, North West, and  Yorkshire & Humber.
  • ASHP across the North East, North West, and  Yorkshire & Humber.
  • Ground Source Heat Pumps across the Nation.

RPS have preferential rankings on heating and retrofit, which means that our customers can direct award to RPS. This is following an extensive review of cost and quality during an evaluation process by a panel of experts.

We express our gratitude to Procurement for Housing for recognising our commitment to excellence and look forward to contributing to the success of the Heating Solutions Framework.

“ We are delighted to have secured a place on the framework and look forward to working closely with the Procurement for Housing team over the next 4 years. Securing preferential rankings across a range of lots in the regions we operate, means our customers’, both existing and new, are able to direct award to us quickly. Generating time and cost efficiencies in the procurement process.”  – Graham Rothwell, CEO, RPS Group.